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Easy-to-use and powerful, meet our Cartrack App!

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Are you a Fleet Manager and need to gain visibility of your fleet? Or are you a vehicle owner and need to keep your vehicle safe?

We’re all about putting you in control and our Cartrack app does all that at the touch of a button. This is no ordinary app, it provides you with 24-hour security, vehicle tracking, stolen vehicle recovery services, driver safety and fleet management, all from any location in the world, at any time. It also gives individual and fleet customers access to an always-on dashboard so you have all the information you need right at your fingertips, to improve driving behaviour, help to reduce fuel and maintenance cost. 

12 things you can do on our app that puts you in control:

  • View your vehicles’ location and past trips in real-time
  • Tax complaint FREE log book
  • Activate CarWatch, alerting you the moment your parked vehicle moves
  • Activate Protector, providing you with medical, roadside, legal, accommodation and car hire services.
  • Activate Start Prevent, which gives you the option to prevent unwanted drivers from starting your vehicle again
  • Share your live vehicle location with your loved ones from anywhere
  • View driving reports to monitor driving behaviour and implement responsible driving
  • View speeding reports improving safe and courteous road user behaviour
  • View risk reports preventing accidents and hazardous driving behaviour
  • View last position reports which indicate the last known position of your vehicle
  • Receive alert reports which are customised according to your needs (activity, speed, risk, geofence, fuel and more)
  • Get great deals on tyres and compare up to 14 insurance quotes

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